[REPOST] Can Everybody Benefit From Exercise?

The Older Avocado answers (at least in part) an important question.

The Older² Avocado

Slightly above 1.600 words, estimated reading time: about 8 min.

Consider the following statement:

(A) Everybody can benefit from some exercise program

I am by education an analytic philosopher and a logician. Analytic philosophy is glorified common sense. It is not always useful but even when it’s not it may be entertaining. Logic is more specific and is concerned with statements featuring every or some, if… then…, and, or and not, a well as therefore and true and false.

Logic and analytic philosophy common sense are all we need to discuss (A) and answer the titular question, but I’m going to throw in some science in the mix because it’s always better than just philosophy.

As always with philosophy, the journey matters more than the destination. Eventually, the titular question will remain open. But bear with me and enjoy the ride, and you will be…

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