Who We Are


Emmanuel J. Genot (Ph.D.)


With an academic background in logic and philosophy of science and fifteen years of teaching experience, Emmanuel is a specialist at being a generalist in science and a professional speaker. He is also a world-class expert on Sherlock Holmes’ reasoning.

Emmanuel suffered from crippling back pain in 2008 and 2016. Both times, the pain resisted the rehabilitation recommended by his doctors, but Emmanuel managed to exercise himself out of it through trial-and-error. The second time around, Emmanuel took up kettlebell sport under Stefan’s advice, and it worked so well that he decided to find out why it had worked better than the regimen recommended by his doctors.

After drafting Hugo, who shared similar experiences of out-of-the-box rehabilitation and brought knowledge in biomechanics, Emmanuel & Stefan found out that most of the common wisdom about back pain has been invalidated but that these findings have yet to translate into training and rehabilitation recommendations. This discovery kickstarted getupsweden.com.

Stefan Hedengren (Zlatan Vanev Weightlifting Academy)

Stefan’s sports journey began with track-and-field and mid-distance running in order to stay physically active in parallel to a flourishing but sedentary career as a sound engineer.

When knee issues — common among runners who otherwise sit a lot — threatened his progress, Stefan did his homework and chose the best course to address them: resistance training. Beginning with bodyweight, Stefan was soon bitten by the ‘iron bug’, graduated to kettlebells and barbells, and moved from track-and-field to strength sports.

Battle_of_the_centuryStefan’s dedication to strength sports lead to a career change. He soon became a much sought-after personal trainer as well as performance and competition coach for powerlifting and weightlifting. In recent years, Stefan’s athletes have stepped on regional, national and international podiums, won medals, and broken records.

In 2016, Stefan visited weightlifting legend Ivan Abadjiev in Bulgaria and was the last coach to learn directly from him. In 2017, Stefan joined Zlatan Vaneev Weightlifting Academy to coach elite weightlifters.

Hugo Karlson (M. Sc. Eng.)

HugoHugo, the mechanical engineer with a specialization in product development and experience with biomechanics is the typical numbers guy who sees the problems as angles and forces to be calculated.

As a powerlifter with minor back issues running in the family Hugo was doomed with back pain every now and then. He soon realized that this was something he needed to address if he was ever going to reach that 300 kg deadlift, and so he started experimenting with lifting angles, yoga, exercises for prehab, rehab, workout intensity and volume.

Hugo’s experimentation culminated with the development of the Swedish Trap Bar which earned him a Master of Science degree in Engineering. A good combination of biomechanics and product development, the prototype immediately caught the interest of Emmanuel and Stefan.

Hugo quickly found how to combine his insights into forces and angles with his teammates’ expertise and became the resident problem-solver for sorting out issues ranging from optimal lifting technique to new equipment design.