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The Turkish Road to Bent Pressing

If your skills with a complex movement pattern are on point you can modify it step by step and teach yourself an unknown movement pattern even if the latter is very unlike the former.

The video shows how to progress from the Turkish Get-Up to the Standing Bent Press one small variation at a time, although they only share their starting position.

The stops along the road:

1- Turkish Get-Up (0:00 with Bent Press shown for contrast 0:35)
2- Kneeling WIndmill (0:54) increasing range of motion first and decreasing support next.
3- Standing Windmill (1:32)
4- Kneeling Side Press and Windmill (1:49)
5- Kneeling Bent Press (2:12) increasing range of motion
6- Kneeling Bent Press with no support (2:44)
7- Standing Bent Press (3:18)

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