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A Story We Almost Missed

Around 600 words, estimated reading time: 3-4 min.

Coverstory (1)Last June, Men’s Health published a short article titled “I Planked One Minute Every Hour at Work for Two Weeks”.

We missed this story when it was published. And since Men’s Health is not our idea of a reliable source of health & fitness information, it would have flown indefinitely under our radar without a special mention in the issue #147 of Wandering Weights, Dan John’s newsletter.

(If you do not know Dan John, suffices to say that he is our idea of a reliable source of health & fitness information. You can learn more about him at danjohn.net.)

The story is interesting and motivating, and it’s a good example of activity hack following sound sport science principles. Yet sports science plays no role whatsoever in the story as written. And its most important lesson reads between the lines. Continue reading A Story We Almost Missed

Activity Hacks for Busy People

Around 1.300 words, estimated reading time:
4 min (hacks only) or
6-7 min (hacks + theory)

In this post, we propose two hacks to add physical activity to your daily schedule:

These hacks hook exercise to existing habits. You can put them in practice today without having to start an exercise routine. If you already have one, you can use them to add useful exercises without extending your gym time.

These hacks have foundations in neurology and biomechanics. You do not need to know about it to make them work. But our hacks are inspired by a training protocol which is a hack in its own right, and we added a section about it (Hack #0). Feel free to skip the theory and to jump to Hack #1.

Continue reading Activity Hacks for Busy People