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What Muscle Does That Work?

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 “What muscle does that work?” is a question frequently asked by casual gym-goers.

And yet, the question has in principle no relevance for sports, even those which use resistance training to build explosive strength (Olympic weightlifting), pure strength (powerlifting) or any type of strength-endurance (strong[wo]man and kettlebell lifting). Ask the question to any serious athlete about the competition movement of any of those sports, and they will most likely answer ‘all of them’.

If they answer at all.

In fact, the place of pride of this question among gym-goers is a testament to the influence of cosmetic bodybuilding in the mainstream health & fitness media.

And yet, in some contexts where strength, power, and endurance are the main concern, the question may actually have some merits in practice. In this post, we look at some of them.

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