“The best thing about the two-month program is that it encourages independent thinking and experimentation. Emmanuel capitalizes on his background as an academic researcher and treats physical health and fitness as just another field of inquiry, in which you can weigh the available evidence from books and blogs, collect empirical data by personally trying new […]

“Since we started our kettlebell training I stand up most of my days at work. Earlier I had some neck trouble when sitting in front of my computer for long, but I haven’t had that since we started. Another advantage is that you get to know your body better while doing these exercises. It’s fun […]

“The program that Get up Sweden has developed for the workplace has made me aware of how I abuse my body on a daily basis, just by sitting at my desk, but has also given me personalised tools to effectively reverse the damage, with no additional cost to my time budget.” Dr. Tomas Persson, Head […]

“The program has really helped with a general awareness concerning the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, serves to inspire mobility, improves the posture, increases stability, gives a rush of energy, and does so with little effort. We can honestly testify to significant improvements even after only a few weeks. Also, we do use our […]